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Deborah Trice

Deborah Trice

Deborah Trice has everything a person could want when looking for a real estate agent. Her smile goes a long way, but there is so much more than meets the eye. She has a zest for life and an upbeat attitude that truly make Deborah a joy to know and work with. In 2022, she earned her license and became a member of the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors (MTAR).

Despite periods of living other places, Tullahoma has always been “home”. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Deborah served her country for over 30 years, first as active military (Army) and later civilian service (Air Force/ Joint Svc.). Her service career was predominately spent working as a Financial Manager and Specialist. After Deborah’s retirement from the Air Force in 2021, her love of community and desire to meet and work with people drew her to pursue a real estate career. She and husband, Lonzie Trice of 30-plus years, have five children and are both retired, empty-nesters.

With no longer having to report to a traditional job, Deborah is excited to have the real estate world as a new outlet for her extra energy. In her spare time, Deborah loves travel. She has been many places for work, as well as, leisure. Deborah’s travels have taken her to areas such as: the Panama Canal, Germany, Africa, Thailand, Afghanistan, and the majority of states within the US. In addition to traveling, Deborah is grateful for the opportunity to be of greater service to her community. She actively participates in activities which include: event planning, fundraising/advocating, youth development, and outreach programs.

Deborah’s clients are her top priority. Her “Can-Do” attitude is seemingly “limitless”. She puts everything she has into the professional services she provides. Working with Deborah is a breath of fresh air. Rest assured, you will feel happy when you contact her to meet your real estate needs.